Perlmutter Genealogy Information

Great Grandparents:

  • Harry Perlmutter
  • Rebecca “Becky” Perlmutter
  • Rose Penn
  • Louis Penn

Cousins (via Edward “Eddie” Perlmutter, also used Perl):

  • Leslie Grand (male)
  • Adam Grand
  • Kami Grand (female)

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Harry & Rebecca Perlmutter were members of the Semionovker Benevolent Society – which may be associated with Semenovka, Ukraine.  They had a child named Solomon a.k.a. “Sam”.

In the past Todd has tried to contact Leslie unsuccessfully.  He did learn that Leslie works as a caterer in New York City, or at least he did at the time as this was more than five years ago.  Leslie would not return his calls.

Todd did manage to track down Adam, and they had a phone conversation more than a year ago.  During this conversation he learned that his cousins had changed their last name from Perlmutter to Grand.

Any additional information will be greatly appreciated.